Adopt A Domain

By adopting a domain, you agree with the following ‘Terms of Adoption’:

  1. Upon adoption of a Web Art Movement domain, that domain will remain in the care of the adopter until the next person adopts it.
  2. All content on each of the Web Art Movement domains is property of the adopting artist in perpetuity and the adopting artist is solely responsible for this content. Eugene Soh or any of the Web Art Movement team make no claim of ownership of content on an adopted domain.
  3. Participation in Web Art Movement gives Eugene Soh permission to use its contents for promotion or exhibition purposes only. (unless otherwise agreed upon with the adopting artist.)
  4. The adopted domain will only be available for one year commencing the day the adopting artist receives the adoption email from Eugene Soh. The next adoption period begins exactly one year after. The domain will then be available for next adoption or passed on to the next adopter in line. Work on the website will then be archived in a subdomain and rendered blank for the next domain sitter. An artist may apply for another year, but Eugene Soh reserves final decision to grant the extension or not.
  5. Work on the adopted domain will be exhibited at an annual/bi annual group show. Eugene reserves the right to reclaim a domain at any time. For example – if an adopter has not been making substantial use of the domain i.e. the page remaining blank after 90 days unless of course remain blank is your thing.
  6. By adopting a domain, you are joining the Web Art Movement community. Please join the Facebook group where we share ideas and announce new adoptions. You are encouraged to post whenever you want or when you have something new on your adopted site to share.
  7. In the unlikely case where I (Eugene Soh) shed this mortal coil, all my domain rights including your adopted domain(s) will be transferred to my next off kin and it is my sincere hope that they see the Web Art movement to its last show in whatever way they can. Please help him/her!
  8. That all said, the core of my being does not want to censor or give anyone restrictions, please have fun with your adopted domain and let me know how I can help.